This page is intended to keep all of our friends and visitors up to date with what is happening in our Dogue lives. Show results, important announcements, topics related to the breed, etc…are things that you can find in this page. But do not forget to see all our other pages for new pictures and some info too!!!


AKC South Jordan- UT April 30, May 1, 2 & 3 of 2009

Agos finally had his debut at with AKC. Agos won 3 Best of Breed over some very nice Dogues. A special thanks to all the judges that recognized Agos qualities. On Sunday I had the privilege to show Agos under one of AKC most renounced judges, Dr. Carl Pew, what a honor it was to have received a Best of breed from him, Thank you!

AKC Farmington - UT September 13 & 14 of 2008

It has been a long time since we had so much fun at a show. Zuka won best female both days and earned 2 more majors, it was no easy thing to accomplish as there were very nice females competing for the title as well. What a great Birthday present my big girl gave to me!!! Our Friends Jen from Rising Star Bordeaux and Gale from Bakaru Bordeaux were both at the show and made the whole experience even more special. Many thanks to our friend Bill from Brookside Kennels for handling Kora. More Pictures on Gallery!


UKC Salt Lake City - UT August 30 of 2008

Agos started his Show career in the best way possible with 2 BEST IN SHOW PUPPY!!! He is only 5 mo. old and took the weekend by storm. Many thanks to Lorraine Teybe, judge of Show 1. She is very familiar with our DDB and said many good things about our little boy Agos.


UKC Salt Lake City - UT August 30 of 2008

We also want to thank Lisa Enriquez judge of show #2 for giving Agos second BEST IN SHOW Puppy for the day! She rarely a puppy moves so well like Agos does.

ACK Eagle - CO -July 13, 2008

This was Zuka's first AKC show as part of the working group, she won her first major towards the AKC CH title and her third DDBSA Major with that she won one more CH title, DDBSA CH! That was Kora's first AKC show, Kora showed with confidence like a pro.

July 1, 2008

The Dogue the Bordeaux have conquest its space in the AKC world in full force. To introduce our breed to all the members, AKC has published this edition of the Gazette with a full article about the Dogue De Bordeaux along with the help of some of my friends, Good Job guys!!!

Lindon - UT June 11, 2008

Lincoln z Orisku arrives in our home, visit his page for details. Many thanks to Libuse and her family.

UKC Salt Lake City - UT May 24 & 25 of 2008

It was our first show close to home for a long time, is was a very nice show site. we had tons of friends representing your bully group. Zuka earned 3 Group 1 and also Res. Best in Show.

DDBSA Nationals - Loveland - CO May 25, 26, 27 of 2008

Kora and Zuka participated in this very nice show it was a pleasant and fun show to attend. Both Kora and Zuka earned Exc. ratings from judge Anne-Marie. It was Kora's first show, she handled like a pro. We thank Libuse and her family for sending us this very promising girl  

Top 10 USA Dogue De Bordeaux 2007

Zuka finished 2007 with: #4 Dogue De Bordeaux & #2 Female

AKC Stockton - CA - November 26 & 27 of 2007

Zuka placed: 1 BOB & 1 BOMiss

AKC Turlock - CA - November 24 & 25 of 2007

Zuka Placed: 2 BOMiss

October 18, 2007

It is official, July 1, 2008 the Great Dogue De Bordeaux will compete in the Working class,. All of our efforts to get the breed fully recognized is paying off, good job for those that been showing in the Miscellaneous class.

AKC Greeley - CO - September 09 of 2007

Zuka earned a Best Female, and her Friend Hugo got a Best of Breeder.

DDBS Central Regional Specialty - Greeley-CO - July 08, 2006

We were very excited to have our Central Regional this year. Zuka once more made us proud by getting a Best of Opposite Sex. Best of Opposite Sex

UKC Salt Lake City - UT - September 01, 02, 03 of 2007

Once again we thank your friend Bill Devlin from Brookside Breeders for helping us show Zuka. She earned a Group 1st and 2 Group 2sc.

AKC Loveland - CO - July 1, 2007

Zuka got a Best Female & BOS Congratulation to Rising Star's Hugo Boss on his amazing results and for this BOB.

FCI - Mexico City - May 24, 25, 26 & 27 of 2007

The first thing that I must say is thank you to all our friends at the this great show. We met some incredible people that made our trip even more enjoyable. Also thanks to Mr. Javier Caballero and all your crew from Mexico Turing, their performance was outstanding. Now Zuka's Results:


FCI Int. 1 - Excellent 3rd CH class

FCI Int. 2 - Excellent 2nd CH class

FCI Americas & Caribe - Excellent Reserve Female

FCI World Show - Excellent 4th CH class

AKC Ogden - UT May 19 & 20 of 2007

Our friend and handler Trent Wilkinson, did another great job with our Zuka at this local show they got 2 BIMisc. Also congratulation Trent on your Best in Show on Sunday, we are very proud to have you as Zuka's handler .

AKC - Salt Lake City - UT May 3, 4, 5 & 6 of 2007

We finally found a show close to home! We would like to thank our good friend, Bill Devlin from Brookside Kennels for helping us with showing Zuka at the Utah Valley Kennel Club shows 1 and 2. We had many judges approach us trying to take a good look at this new breed soon to be part of the Working Group. The judges showed a great deal of interest and curiosity for our breed, I tried to answer their questions the best that I could. And yes, Zuka got 4 Best of Miscellaneous.

TDI Certification - Shelton - WA April 28 of 2007

We are very proud and happy to announce that Zuka passed the Dog Therapy test with success and now will start visiting Hospitals, Retirement homes, Shelters, Schools, etc. I can't wait to show my community how great this soft giant breed is.

DDBSA Nationals - Shelton - WA April 27, 28 & 29 of 2007

Zuka took 2nd place out of 7 females on the open class. Only two females in the whole show received an Excellent and Zuka was one of them. I also would like to thank the spectators for electing Zuka for the “Best Costume” contest, you can see the pictures on the Photo Page. A big congratulation to Anthony & Lora on Desmo's big win. We met a lot of nice people and enjoyed their company during the show. We hope to see all of you again soon!!!

AKC Las Vegas - NV April 06, 07, 08 & 09 of 2007

Zuka did really good with the Las Vegas heat. At this long 4 days show she got 4 Best of Miscellaneous. Once more we thank Trent Wilkinson for taking good care of our big girl.

AKC Mitchell - NB March 31 & April 01 of 2007

We thank our friend Trent Wilkinson for handling and helping Zuka earn a Group 2 nd on Saturday and a Best o Miscellaneous on Sunday at the Scottsbluff show.

AKC Denver - CO February 16 of 2007

Long drive but it was worth it. Zuka got a Best of Breed and a very disputed Best of miscellaneous lol. I was just a little disappointed with the AKC judges inconsistence. I guess that is the price we pay to get started on AKC.

One of the most prestigious event on the Canine world is coming up, and it is right on our back yard. The FCI World Dog Show will take place in Mexico City on May 24, 25, 26, and 27 of 2007. I encourage you to be part of that, click on the logo.

AKC Salt Lake City - UT September 09,10 of 2006

Zuka won best of Miscellaneous both days, making a good impression on same of the Judges and spectators.

AKC Salt Lake City - UT September 2, of 2006

I was not going to show at this weekend, I wanted to go just to make company to a friend whom would show that day. But, I was convinced to show as well and could not fell to brag about Zuka getting a best of group

AKC Eagle - CO July 15, 16 of 2006

At our first AKC show, Zuka took best of Miscellaneous on Saturday & Sunday as well! It was really nice to get started with AKC and represent our breed. Many people were very exited to be seeing a Bordeaux in person, even judges and professional handlers.

DDBS Central Regional Specialty - July 08, 2006

This was our first DDBS show. Zuka made me really proud. she won the specialty with serious competition and went all the way to getting a Res. Best in Show. I was really glad for Zuka's wins, but also to meet some of very nice people.

UKC Salt Lake City - UT May 27, 28 of 2006

Zuka won Best of Group 4 of 5 times. Some of the dogs in the group were BIS and CH already, but the judge seems to be impressed enough to give the new kid all the goodies. It is nice to see somebody else appreciate our baby Zuka. That was her very first show and now she is a UKC CH !!!